Speech Therapy

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What is Speech Therapy?

Speech therapy, led by dedicated Speech-Language Pathologists, addresses the development of speech, language, and communication skills. The primary goal of speech therapy is to improve how children communicate. 

Benefits Of Speech Therapy

Therapeutic Treehouse’s Speech Team Specializes in:

Working With Therapeutic Treehouse

Our Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) specialize in a wide range of speech and language needs. We focus on vital lifelong skills such as expressive and receptive language, articulation, and pragmatic language skills. Our SLPs create customized treatment plans tailored to each child’s unique speech and language needs. Incorporating research-backed strategies and techniques, our team aims for the highest quality of care to ensure every child has a voice.

Our Mission

Our mission is to set each child up for success by implementing a holistic approach that promotes safety, learning, and growth. We provide services that focus on the whole child. By addressing how the mind-body connection can impact participation in client-centered and occupation-based activities, we believe that your child can reach their full potential. In working with you and your family, we strive to create a balanced approach that incorporates the whole family.